HELLO WORLD!  My name is Moani and I am the face behind this space.  I’m a creator, a dreamer, an artist, a photographer, an traveler, a baseball fan, a lover of animals and a food fanatic!

I currently live in the East San Francisco Bay Area with my loving and ever-supportive husband, along with our two rascal dogs and one entitled kitty. I was fortunate to have been blessed with growing up in Hawaii, giving me a diversity in the food I have been able to satisfy my taste buds with. With the way my mama raised me, vegetarian cuisine was never something foreign to me. However, we were never total vegetarians, and the concept of being a vegan was never really introduced to me until I got older. And then I found out that it involves more than just what you put on your plate.

I decided it was time to take a look at the bigger picture.

My ever-growing respect for both the plant and animal creations in our beautiful world has led me on a mission to explore the idea of what it means to live a more cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle. The Vegan Dragon is really designed to bring awareness to this way of living by discovering tasty vegan recipes, vegan noms in restaurants, and vegan consumer products out there on the market.

DISCLAIMER: To put it out there in the universe, I currently do not consider myself a vegan.  I’d probably categorize myself as a 90% vegan – I generally eat vegan for the most part and my beauty and household products are vegan. I am a pretty easygoing person, so I’m okay when friends cook up a vegetarian meal every so often.  While traveling, I also find it a bit difficult to eat vegan sometimes. So, for now, this site really is just designed to aid me in a personal experiment and adventure to learn more about the culture of veganism. I welcome any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. that anyone may have, as this is a learning process for me as much as anyone else.

So I thank you for taking time to explore my site. I hope it might be useful for someone out there in the world!

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