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Next Level Burger Comes to Concord, CA – And it’s Amazing!

There’s no need to wonder why this place is called Next Level Burger. I’ll tell you. It’s because their 100% plant-based menu is legit next level! Next Level Burger is actually an Oregon-based chain that I had never had the pleasure of trying when we lived up there, even though I had heard the buzz about it. So, I was extremely excited when I found out that they were opening up their first California location in Concord, just a stone’s throw from where I live, in the new 365 by Whole Foods Market.

Next Level Burger
365 by Whole Foods Market
2085 Diamond Blvd.,ย Ste. 150
Concord, CA

It’s not a full-size restaurant – just a counter service with a few window seats inside, but there is ample seating outdoors on the patio area (which I recommend anyway – because California weather allows for it – so take advantage of it!).

Here’s me about to be in veggie burger heaven!

The Menu

The menu is pretty simple: burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, and a few sandwiches and salads. Burger patty selections include a variety of house-made patties, and you can even order the delicious Beyond Burger Patty! There are a ton of extras you can add to your burger as well if you think something is amiss.

What We Ate

I got the SoCAL Burger which is a house-made quinoa and black chia seed patty topped with special sauce, smokey tempeh bacon, and avocado – and I added a slice of cheddar style cheese for good measure. The quinoa patty was so flavorful and it didn’t fall apart while I was eating it (which can happen sometimes with house-made patties at burger joints). I was also thoroughly impressed with the vegan cheddar cheese in that it both melted and tasted delicious! I even enjoyed the special sauce which I typically have skipped in the past since mayo is my enemy (their mayo is, of course, plant-based).

My husband got the All-American which is a savory meaty patty topped with smokey tempeh bacon, cheddar style cheese (or Swiss if you choose), and vegan mayo. He also added grilled onions and jalapenos which were SO good. I’m totally getting that on mine next time!

Every burger also comes with lettuce and tomato, and the tempeh bacon is so delish. Such amazing burgers!

Gimme Your Tots!

We had to give spicy tots a try – because tots! Why the tot not? Okay enough of that. The spicy tots come with a crumbled spicy black bean patty, melted cheddar style cheese, jalapenos and creamy horseradish sauce. Again – melted vegan cheese that actually tastes good?! What is this magic? And that horseradish cream sauce was amazing. Do get these if you love a little spice in your life (they aren’t really that spicy).

For Your Sweet Tooth

Last but certainly not least, if you are an ice cream or milkshake lover, you’ll want to try their milkshakes. Options are to either get a hand spun soy or a coconut soft serve base. I went with the coconut since I’m trying to be a little more conscious of how much soy I consume and it was really coconutty – so if you aren’t into the flavor of coconut milk, you’ll want to give the hand spun soy a try. I love coconut but it was a little bit much in the milkshake. Next time I’m going to try the soy – because I could not come here and not get a milkshake…

They have several flavors to choose from (including seasonal items). We ended up ordering the salted caramel peanut and it was so creamy! And they are huge! I almost thought about getting one for each of us, but we decided to share one and I’m glad we did because it is a lot of ice cream (and calories)! They fill up a big cup, and then there’s a little extra in the metal container that comes with it. Just look at all that caramel. Drool.

I’m so glad to have such a great option that’s closer to home! I’m already patiently awaiting our next visit to Next Level Burger.

Have you been to a Next Level Burger? Do you have any other favorite vegan or veggie burger places?


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