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Vegan Meals on Lufthansa

So my husband and I recently traveled to Europe on Lufthansa!  Aside from all of their strike issues this year and the stress of wondering whether we would make our flights, the plane was comfortable and even better, you could pre-request special meals for your long haul journeys!  I had my travel agent request the Western Vegetarian meal option, which is the vegan option.  I have to say, it was pretty decent for airplane food!

Because we flew to and from Frankfurt, Germany as our connecting flight hub, the flight was quite long (straight from San Francisco) – we’re talkin 10 and a half to 11 hours long, which means you get two meals!


For my dinner meal on the way to Germany, I was served a chickpea vegetable medley with spinach and steamed rice, a chilled vegetable salad with potatoes, peppers, and corn, fresh fruit, a dinner roll with Smart Balance, and a packet of crackers.  The main course was a little bland but tasted just fine after I added a little salt and pepper.  The chilled veggie salad was delish, and while I do love fresh fruit, it was mostly honeydew and cantaloupe (two of my least favorite fruits, lol – I handed those over to the hubby).

Vegan Dinner on Lufthansa


Breakfast was a little more flavorful, with veggies (zucchini) in a red marinara sauce, potato patties, and steamed broccoli.  Also, the fruit selection was more to my liking – pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and watermelon!  Also came with a dinner roll, Smart Balance, and strawberry preserves.  I did add a little salt and pepper again just for some extra flavor – it’s amazing how a little salt goes a long way!

Vegan Breakfast on Lufthansa


On our way back to SF, we had lunch (aka “snack”) and dinner.  For lunch, I had potato dumplings with a red marinara type of sauce with veggies and crumbled tofu, a cold veggie salad with tomatoes, zucchini and peppers (which was actually very tasty), my favorite assortment of fruit (raspberries, grapes, and kiwi) and a dinner roll.  I’d say it was my favorite meal of all the Lufthansa meals I had (who can really resist potato dumplings).

Vegan on Lufthansa


Finally, I had stuffed zucchini (with tofu and marinara sauce), orzo, and steamed veggies, with a side of kiwi and grapes, and a dinner roll.  I added a little salt and pepper to this one but it was pretty tasty.  I really liked the use of marinara sauce in all these dishes.

Vegan on Lufthansa

If you are flying Lufthansa to/from Europe, I would definitely recommend requesting the Western Vegetarian meal to get some good vegan options.  I never thought it would be possible to be so catered to!  Make sure you request your special meal ahead of time.  You can also go to your bookings online and select your meal preference (but I would definitely call and confirm your meal res as well).

Happy vegan eating (and traveling)!


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